Arnheim is a young underground house producer and DJ. Lithuanian born, raised in Great Britain he shows understanding in these cultures and their relationship with the universal language of House music. The ever growing need of expression leaves him with the ever growing levels of intensity, experimentation and exploration in his music.


From the first needle drop on vinyl in a Soho record shop, to the latest sequence programmed in his studio, Arnheim has always carried the notion of being true to oneself, being one with music and all surroundings. DJing and producing as a kid has pushed him to the point where at the age of 17 he released his music to the public for the first time. Press, radio and artist support has motivated him to carry on improving and delivering his work to the listeners, with ever progressing maturity and individuality in his music.


Spanning from environmental to artistic influences his music always holds a sense of groove and rhythm, soul and depth, as similarly explored by his heroes: David Mancuso, Move D, Pepe Bradock and many more. Jazz and World Music prominence in his tracks provide a unique chord and rhythm progression that swings the groove into an impulsive and sometimes exotic spectacle. With a minimalistic approach to the level of elements used, Arnheim makes sure to explore the essence and depth of each sound helping for the listener to understand quality over quantity, whilst guiding them through the history and personality of each sample and sound.


With the accepted notion of music being his life, materialism and financial gain holds no importance, making it easier for him to be devoted towards deeper expresivity, maturity and honest exploration of his musical capabilities. The future holds many possibilities, some of which are vinyl releases, his music remixed by established artists and collaborative work with other individuals. Arnheim strives to be lost and found again in his musical ventures, and he wishes for the listeners of his music to experience this same sensation, through whatever means possible, for the sake of love, serenity and happiness.